Wine: Chichester Wine Bar selection

Wines by the Glass

White Wines

1. Mauzac-Sauvignon, Côtes de Tarn, Domaine Vigne Lourac 2009

Glass 175ml 4 25
Glass 250ml 5 75

2. Chenin Blanc, Franschhoek Cellar, South Africa 2009

Glass 175ml 4 65
Glass 250ml 6 20

3. William’s Creek, Reserve Chardonnay, Australia 2009

Glass 175ml 4 80
Glass 250ml 6 45

4. Pinot Grigio, Colpo di Fortuna, Italy 2009

Glass 175ml 4 50
Glass 250ml 6 00

Red Wines

5. Cabernet Sauvignon, Franschhoek Cellar, South Africa 2008

Glass 175ml 4 65
Glass 250ml 6 20

6. Rioja Tinto Noemus, Navarrsotillo, Rioja 2009 (organic)

Glass 175ml 4 65
Glass 250ml 6 60

7. Pinotage, Franschhoek Cellar, South Africa 2009

Glass 175ml 4 80
Glass 250ml 6 45

Rose Wines

9. Pinotage Rosé, Millberg Cellars, South Africa 2009

Glass 175ml 4 40
Glass 250ml 5 85


10. Champagne Brut, 1er Cru Blanc de Blancs, Claude Carré

Glass 125ml 8 00

White wine

1. Mauzac-Sauvignon, Côtes de Tarn, Domaine Vigne Lourac 2009 15 50
Crisp, herbaceous dry white from south west France,
this is a delicious, versatile wine that would go with virtually anything on the menu.

4. Pinot Grigio, Colpo di Fortuna, Italy 2009 16 50
This wine is clean, crisp and fresh with an attractive pear and lemon twist on the nose.
To be drunk with food or not it’s perfect either way

2. Franschhoek Cellar Chenin Blanc 2009 16 95
This Chenin has a concentrated depth of flavour which is citrusy, rich and mouth coating.
It has a good level of acidity and is fresh and floral on the nose.

3. Reserve Chardonnay, Williams Creek, SE Australia 2009 17 50
Soft, dry, medium-bodied with plenty of tropical fruit. Simple, refreshing and easy to drink

57. Rioja Blanco Noemus , Navarrsotillo, Rioja 2009 (organic) 18 00
This smooth, elegant wine is un-oaked with an underlying delicate fresh
fruit flavour and great to drink if you don’t like your wine too acidic.

62. Muscadet sur lie Domaine Bonnet-Huteau 2009 (organic) 18 50
Super-fresh, bone dry white with a delicate floral nose. Incredible suppleness is
complemented by an arresting vital acidity and minerally character.

30. Entre-Deux-Mers Blanc, La Blanquerie 2007 (organic) 19 00
A very approachable and affordable classic, grassy, zingy Sauvignon is backed up
by the dry Semillon which gives the wine its substance and structure

31. Viognier, Domaine de Belle Mare, Vin de Pays 2008 (organic methods) 19 00
This lighter-bodied, dry Viognier is beautifully aromatic with hints of orange
blossom and fresh tropical fruits. Great with smoked fish and spiced dishes

72. Unwooded Chardonnay, Mont Rochelle, South Africa 2008 21 00
This handmade wine has bags of authenticity which is coupled with a genuinely
revitalising character. Please refer to Lloyd’s wine selection on page one for more details

98. Gavi DOCG, Cascina del Melo 2009 (biodynamic) 22 50
A fresh and citrusy Gavi, with some warmer fruity notes and minerality.
Very drinkable on its own, but this is a dry white is well suited to seafood.

White Wines

46. Hayes Ranch Chardonnay, California 2007 (organic) 23 00
Golden yellow in colour with inviting flavours of pear, citrus and vanilla.
This is really mouth-filling with a subtle touch of oak.

63. Sauvignon Blanc, Forrest Estate, Marlborough, New Zealand 2008 25 00
From one of the best vineyard sites in Marlborough, this intense, dry white wine
has masses of vital herbaceous, gooseberry character and is mouth wateringly moorish.

73. Mc Henry Hohnen Semillion Sauvignon, Margaret River 25 00
A lifted nose mix of honetysuckle,boxwood and sweet gooseberry pulp
is brought to balance with lime zest and cut slate

32. Pinot Gris Forrest Estate, Marlborough New Zealand 2007 26 00
Herbaceous and floral with bags of flavour.

77. Bourgogne Chitry, Alice et Olivier De Moor 2005 (in conversion) 26 00
Most growers around Chablis are very risk averse and it takes a very strong will to farm traditionally
and naturally without modern chemical safety nets. Sadly, by and large, the area is sinking into branded
complacency as a result. That said, the wines produced by the De Moor’s are made as Chablis would
have been made up until the 1970s, hand picked, with indigenous yeasts, tiny quantities of sulphur
and nothing else. No added yeasts, acids or enzymes to make the wines conform.
Beautiful minerality is blanced with a very natural acidity in this rich creamy wine.

76. Sancerre Blanc Les Caillottes, Christian Dauny 2009 (organic) 27 50
Organic Sauvignon often lacks the herbaceous, gooseberry character we are used to,this is a delightful rarity. It’s classic, grassy Sancerre but with tremendous clarity and purity.

75. Chablis Bel Air et Clardy, Alice et Olivier De Moor 2007 (in conversion) 32 50 This is made by the same growers as the Bourgogne Chitry. This is proper, traditionally made un-oaked Chablis. A lovely wine that is typically elegant and superbly pure and natural tasting.

78. Pouilly-Fuissé, Domaine de La Croix Senaillet 2008 (organic) 36 00
Rich mouth-coating white Burgundy with deep caramel and buttery flavours that are matched with a real steeliness.

80. Puligny-Montrachet, Domaine Alan Chavy 2004 55 00
From vines over 45-years-old, this wine has a honeyed apricot nose, rounded fruit and a rich, harmonious structure.


9. Pinotage Rosé, Millberg Cellars, Western Cape 2009 16 50
Fresh red berry fruit on the nose, the palate is round with depth of flavour,this is fruit driven wine rather than sugar coated like a lot of other wines

101. Mas de La Ville – Gard Rosé 2009 (organic) 18 50
This fantastic wine is made by the Cluzel family who have a very strong environmental conscience.The pressing and subsequent vinification of the grapes in steel lined concrete vats takes place at the heart
of the vineyards enabling the grapes to be instantly pressed after picking, thus maintaining maximum freshness and flavour and avoiding any excessive use of sulphur: the result is this delicate, pale rosé.
Bone dry, elegant, quintessentially French and thoroughly delicious

Red Wine

95.Côtes du Rhône Rosé, Domaine du Faucon Doré 2007 (organic) 21 50
A soft, dry rose from near Provence it 6has a delicate floral bouquet and lovely red candied fruit character. Extremely gluggable on its own or a wonderful complement to any dish

87. Côtes du Rhône Rouge, Domaine Faucon Doré 2008/9 (organic)21 50
Full-bodied, intense Rhone wine, packed with blackberry fruit, and coffee flavours. Lovers of robust, dark reds; this one’s for you!

86. Beaujolais Quatre Saisons , Domaine de Chasselay 2009 (organic) 23 00
Almost banana on the nose, this is a real glassful of summer fruit. Really elegant

103. Barbera DOC, Cascina del Melo 2009 (biodynamic) 24 50
intense, black cherry flavoured, chewy red that works brilliantly with duck, pigeon, venison, or autumnal veg.

47. Scotto Family Wines Old Vine Zinfandel, Lodi, California 2006 25 00
Drinking at it’s absolute best at the moment this is full of red fruit and dark chocolate, then rich, full, plum flavours, finishing in cassis vanilla and spice.

89. Château La Grolet, Côte de Bourg, Bordeaux 2005 (biodynamic) 25 00
This charming claret is exceptionally fine because the organic grapes are grown with infinite care and lovingly turned into wine.


88. Fleurie Vieilles Vignes, Jocelyne Depardon 2006 (om) 25 50
This very naturally produced Fleurie has one of the lowest sulphur levels of any wine anywhere, allowing the very gluggable, juicy nature of the wine to shine through.

38. Merlot, Post House, Stellenbosch, South Africa 2004 27 00
Intense, classic merlot flavours of chocolate, and blackcurrant jam are what to expect from this exceptionally hand crafted, rich red.
Please refer to Lloyd’s wine selection on page one for more details

102. Chianti DOCG Riserva Pietro Majnoni 2007 (organic) 29 50
Particularly elegant and sumptuous Chianti that really fills your mouth with flavour without being heavy.

52. Rioja Reserva Majister Bibendi Navarrsotillo 2003/4 (organic) 32 00
A succulent and inviting Rioja with a smooth strawberry and vanilla palate, great depth of flavour and a lingering finish.

91. Pinot Noir, Palliser Estate, Martinborough 2005 36 00
Martinborough is recognised as one of the best places to grow pinot noir in the world and this estate turns out soft, elegant stunners year in, year out.

91. Savigny-les–Beaune 1er cru Domaine du Four 2006 38 00
An early maturing red Burgundy, silky smooth with a hint of oak

90. Châteauneuf du Pape, Domaine Pierre André 2001 (biodynamic) 40 00
Cousin to Chateauneuf du Pape this is amazingly pure and massively intense Rhone red. Ideally give it a bit of air and wait for the juicy leathery notes to reveal themselves

92. Barolo, Erbaluna 2005 (organic) 45 00
This really is amazing stuff. Coffee and bramble jelly seem to come at you from everywhere. Incredible long finish that will almost knock you off your chair. Really needs decanting.

92. Les Charmes Kirwan Margaux 2006 45 00
The second wine of Chateau Kirwan, quite a rich margaux with soft tannins and easy drinking style

93. Gevrey Chambertin Domaine Marchand Grillot 2007 52 00
Elegant complex pinot Noir, a deep rich style Burgundy

Dessert Wines

51. Vat 5 Botrytis Semillon, Deen de Bortoli, SE Australia 2007 Half Bottle 17 00
Gorgeous nose of orange blossom and honey, full of unctuous tropical fruit flavours Glass 100 ml 5 50
balanced with refreshing acidity

100. Chateau La Garenne Sauternes 2005 Half Bottle 30 00
If you want to revitalise your palate try this with some dessert. Glass 100 ml 9 00
Its zesty, lemony richness and butterscotch finish is a delight

White wines

Mauzac-Sauvignon , Cotes de Tarn, Domaine Vigne Lourac 2008

Boschendal La Pavillion Viognier Chenin Blanc 2009

Pinot Grigio Italy 2007

Red Wines

Boschendal Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon SA 2009

Rioja Tinto “Noemus” Navarastillo Rioja 2008( organic)

Merlot Reserve Saint Roch, Pay `d oc

Rose Wines

Pinotage rose, Millberg Cellars , Western Cape 2009

Champagne and Prosecco 125ml

Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry , La Jara (organic)

Champagne Brut , 1er Cru blanc de blancs, Claude Carre

Enjoy wine by the glass or bottle in our bar or Chichester restaurant.

We also have a wide selection of organic wines

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