Fantastic Farmers Market

Only some 15 years ago did Chichester’s District see the beginning of its farmers market that has grown in size, stalls and numbers over the many years and is well worth going for a visit during your relaxing stay in one of our luxurious hotel rooms. The market joins the people of Chichester together to sell locally sourced produce to fellow locals and the thousands of visitors who descent every year.

This is a fantastic way to get a true taste of the Chichester area, as the regulations around being directly involved with the Farmers Market are strict and demand two important things:

  • All produce must be reared, caught, grown, brewed, pickled, baked, smoked or processed by the stallholder
  • The stallholder must be within 30miles of the local area.

Therefore, this guarantee is that all the beautiful goods that are brought to the market for selling are quality local produce. Our farmers market is a fantastic family day out providing something for everyone. Food is not the only thing available to buy when visiting the farmers market; a range of handicraft stalls with homemade goodies are also abundant, so you can get yourself or your loved ones a lovely keepsake to cherish from Chichester.

We are extremely proud of the long history of our farmers market and of the high quality standard of food sold by the locals. Our very own restaurant in Chichester buys all locally sourced foods to help promote the smaller local businesses. Chichester is a friendly place to visit and we have made it our priority to promote Chichester’s renowned friendly atmosphere in our restaurant.

Here at Crouchers Hotel and Restaurant strongly promotes the local culture, harbour, countryside and the people by opening our restaurant to everyone as well as our guests. With the beautiful sun shining and the hot weather with us for a while, there is no better way to kick back and relax in our garden and restaurant than with a tasty beverage and some nibbles.

Please check out our stunning gallery so you can see for yourself, the wonderful area our hotel is situated in and why so many people choose to holiday in Chichester.

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