Embrace the Environment: Outdoor Activities in Chichester

Chichester is gorgeous place to visit, whether you’re after a relaxing getaway or you’re looking to explore the countryside this English paradise can offer you everything. One thing that we love about Chichester is the truly spectacular environment, so we’re going to share all of the exciting outdoor activities that you can take advantage of in Chichester and the surrounding areas.

Bird Watching

Chichester Harbour is an excellent place to enjoy a spot of bird watching, the great thing about this activity is that everyone and anyone can take part. More than 55,000 birds live and migrate to this area each year, so you are certainly likely to see an array of beautiful birds when you visit the harbour. You could see anything from an oystercatcher to a grey heron! This certainly is an incredibly exciting activity. Find out more about the bird watching in Chichester by visiting the Chichester Harbour Conservancy.


With Chichester Harbour right on your doorstep and the Chichester Ship Canal, a trip to this part of England isn’t complete without stepping off dry land on onto the water.  You can take advantage of an array of water tours from Chichester Harbour Water Tours, where you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy the stunning West Sussex scenery. This is the perfect way to enjoy a warm English summer day or even if it’s raining!


For any thrill seekers out there you needn’t stay on land or water, you can take to the air in an amazing balloon safari. This is an absolutely fabulous way to see the breathtaking beauty of Chichester and the surrounding areas from the sky! If you’re travelling with your partner this truly is a romantic activity that you will certainly remember for the rest of your life.

Whether it is excitement or relaxation that you’re after West Sussex has it all, this is just a taste what amazing activities Chichester has to offer. For hotels in Chichester look no further than Crouchers Hotel. We can provide you with a luxurious, homely setting where you can relax in style after a day out exploring this wonderful part of England. For more information in regards to our accommodation or to book with us please don’t hesitate to get in contact, our friendly team are always happy to help!

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