Exploring Roman Chichester

Chichester is a beautiful and historic city, with plenty to see and do for holidaymakers of all kinds. For those who have a fascination with the past, it’s a perfect place to explore Roman history.

Noviomagus Reginorum

Shortly after the Roman conquest of AD43 began, the Romans established a winter fort in the territory of the friendly Atrebates tribe. They called it Noviomagus Reginorum, meaning new field or new clearing of the Regini, and the legion occupying it was commanded by the future Roman Emperor Vespasian.

It’s thought that this fort played an important role in the continuing Roman Conquest; archaeological work in the area has uncovered significant military storage structures near Fishbourne Roman Palace – but more on that later.

Civitas Reginorum

The Roman army only stayed for a couple of years; after they left, the fort became a civilian settlement and the capital of the Civitas Reginorum, a “client kingdom” of the Roman Empire ruled by Tiberius Claudius Cogidubnus. His name is seen on an inscription found in 1723, which was dated to the first century.

In English, it reads, “To Neptune and Minerva, for the welfare of the Divine House, by the authority of Tiberius Claudius Cogidubnus, great king of the Britons, the guild of smiths and those in it gave this temple at their own expense.”

Fishbourne Roman Palace

Cogidubnus was thought to have been one of the earliest residents of Fishbourne Roman Palace. Although locals had long known of Roman remains in the area, it wasn’t until 1960 that it was first excavated – and archaeologists soon realised they had something special. It is in fact the largest Roman home in Britain, and contains the largest collection of mosaics kept in place today.

Chichester City

Many features of Chichester itself indicate its importance in Roman times; Stane Street began at its east gate and connected the city to London, and the plan of the Roman city can still be seen in the layout of the modern shopping streets. The original Roman city walls were over two metres thick and, although they have been modified greatly over the centuries, can still be seen today. You can also explore the Novium museum, which houses the remains of the city’s Roman baths complex as well as other collections.

Whether it’s the history of the area, the beautiful countryside and coastline, or more modern attractions that bring you here, at Crouchers we are proud to offer one of the best Chichester hotels available. For more information, to ask about availability or to make a booking, get in touch with us on 01243 784995 today.

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A Cyclist’s Guide to Chichester

West Sussex is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the UK and the Chichester area is certainly representative of this.

Walks are always a good way to view the picturesque scenes that an area has to offer, but sometimes cycling is the better option that allows you to see more in a day. We have picked out three of our favourite cycle routes around the Chichester area for this blog post.

So if you’re looking to do a bit of cycling during your time in West Sussex then we have you covered.

There are plenty of cycle shops in Chichester so if you’re looking to rent a bike or you want to have some work done on yours then you will easily be able to do so.

Centurion Way

The Centurion Way trail, named so because of the Roman road that the trail crosses, is a 1.5 km, traffic free cycle route that can be taken on by experienced cyclers or those just starting out.

The trail follows a route that was once used by the Chichester to Midhurst Railway line that was once used for the transportation of sugar beet. The railway was closed in 1957 and removed in 1993, but the path that was left has been adopted as a cycle and walking path.

The path mainly follows the River Lavant, which is a waterborne river that is only present during the wetter months of the year, and has a couple of viewpoints and seating areas along the way if you want to have a picnic with a stunning view.

Salterns Way

The Salterns Way cycle route is a bit more substantial than the centurion way route and is for the more serious cyclers or those who want to make a whole day out of viewing the West Sussex scenery from a bike.

Spanning 18 km, Salterns Way takes cyclists from Chichester to East Head, via the Chichester Marina. The route has numerous fantastic views, regardless of the season, and if you want to discover the beautiful West Sussex landscapes then this is definitely the route for you. Although the whole route is 18 km long, you don’t need to travel the whole way as the route can be shortened as much as you like.


A Great Day Out From Chichester and Back

This circular cycle route takes cyclists north of Chichester into the South Downs National Park and back around to Chichester. The route is quite lengthy, with a distance of 27 km, so is likely to take two to four hours depending on how fast you want to ride and how many pubs you’d like to stop off at on the way!

If you’re a nature lover then you’ll love this route as part of it will take you through the Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve that is home to one of Europe’s most impressive yew forests along with over 50 species of birds and 39 species of butterfly. There are pubs in West Dean, Chilgrove and Chichester so you if you want to stop off for lunch or refreshments during your ride then you’ll find it easy to do so.

These are just a few of the stunning cycle routes that West Sussex has to offer. Here at Crouchers Hotel, we are conveniently located in the beautiful West Sussex countryside, very near to the lovely cathedral city of Chichester. If you are looking for Chichester hotels to stay in, please do not hesitate to contact us today by giving us a call on 01243 78995.

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Wonderful West Sussex Walks

The West Sussex countryside is home to some truly stunning landscapes, and is in many respects a haven of natural beauty. One of the best ways to discover the beauty of the West Sussex is on foot. So here we give quick guide, to some of the best walking routes in the west Sussex area.

The South Downs Way

The South Downs Way is a national trail, which runs for approximately 100 miles along the breathtaking South Downs and is the perfect spot for simply getting away from it all. The route offers the chance to experience some of the most beautiful scenery the county, and indeed southern England has to offer. The South Downs Way covers 48 miles of the wonderful West Sussex countryside, and there are a number of different routes you can try. One of the best places to pick up the trail is around the village of Amberely where the route passes close by to the village railway station making it easy to access.

The Monarchs Way

The Monarchs Way is one of the greatest long distance footpaths in England. At 615 miles long the trail is also the country’s second longest, signposted walking route. The path roughly follows the escape route used by Charles II, following his defeat at the battle of Worchester in 1651.Consequently, in addition to some truly breathtaking scenery; the route also offers a chance to glimpse a number of sites of historic interest too. In West Sussex, the trail passes through a number of sites of interest, and there are a various places throughout the county where you can pick up the trail and explore the path for yourself.

New Lipchis Way

This lovely walking route runs from Liphook in Hampshire, to East Head near the entrance of the Chichester harbour. The path takes you through, some of the most beautiful areas of West Sussex, including the heathlands, and Wealden river valleys. The path is approximately 37 miles long, and one of the best parts of the route to explore is the final section which takes you along the Chichester ship canal, and channel, to West Wittering.

These are just a few of the fantastic walking spots, in West Sussex which are well worth exploring. Here at Crouchers Hotel, we are conveniently located in the heart of the West Sussex countryside close to the beautiful cathedral city of Chichester, and can provide you with the ideal place to stay during your walking adventure. So if you’re looking for hotels in Chichester please do not hesitate to contact us today by giving us a call on 01243 784995.

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Planning a Romantic Getaway

As the Beatles once said, “all you need is love!” but sometimes you need a little more than that to show your loved one how much you care. Flowers, chocolates and other gifts are all well and good, but how about taking a much-needed break from everyday life, just you and your beloved? And where better to spend your weekend (or longer) of romance than at Crouchers Hotel in Chichester?


Why not surprise your other half? You could keep your whole trip secret, or just surprise them with a planned activity. Add a little more romance to the surprise by arranging with us to have Champagne on ice, flowers or chocolates in your room when you arrive.

Leave it at Home

When going on a romantic getaway, there are certain things you should leave at home:

  • Work
  • Money worries
  • Previous disagreements

Basically anything that distracts you from enjoying your time together should be left behind!

Plan Activities

Do a little research before you leave to find out what activities you can do while you’re away. Luckily for you, Chichester has plenty to offer, so you’re sure to find something you’ll both enjoy. You could take in a show at Chichester Festival Theatre or enjoy the stars at the South Downs Planetarium.

Alone Time

It’s great to get out and see the sights when you’re away together, but what’s even better is getting some alone time with each other. Take one morning or afternoon to just relax in each other’s company in your hotel room, or go for a romantic walk. This is the perfect time for you two to talk and learn more about each other. Whether you’ve been together for a matter of months, or many years, there’s always something new you can discover about the one you love.

Here at Crouchers Hotel, we’re the perfect place for your romantic getaway. So if you’re looking for Chichester hotels, look no further! Contact us today by calling 01243 784995 for more information, or to book one of our beautiful rooms.

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Chichester: What to See and Where to Go

The city of Chichester is a fantastic place to visit at any time of the year, and has a wealth of attractions for you to see and enjoy. So here we give a quick guide to some of the best things to see and do when visiting this fantastic city.

Bishops Palace Gardens

These stunning gardens, located at the heart of Chichester, are a little oasis, offering a variety of fantastic floral displays. These beautifully designed gardens are home to a number of meandering paths, which take you among an assortment of interesting flower beds. The gardens also feature plenty of quiet spots and benches too, where you can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.

Walk the City Walls

Chichester has a long and fascinating history, which is clearly reflected in the peerless architecture of the city. You can explore some of the unique history of Chichester for yourself by taking a walk along the city’s Roman walls. These were first built over 1800 years ago by the Romans, and have stood the test of time, remaining remarkably well-preserved. A wander round these walls, makes for a rather pleasant stroll, and offers some great views over the surrounding city landscape.

Chichester Cathedral

No trip to the city can be complete without a visit to the Chichester Cathedral, which has stood at the heart of the city for over 900 years. The building is much celebrated for it rich and inimitable architecture, and is also famous for its fantastic art collection.

Pallant House Gallery

The city is also home to the Pallant House Gallery, which is a must see for any art enthusiast. This exceptional gallery space is widely renowned for its innovative exhibitions, and features one of the best collection of 20th century art in the world, including the works of those such as Peter Blake and Richard Hamilton.


Chichester is also the perfect spot for a bit of retail therapy, offering a high-quality shopping experience. The city is home to everything from large high street stores, to independent boutiques, and farm shops, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

These are just a few of the fantastic attractions Chichester has to offer, which make this area an ideal place to visit. If you’re looking for hotels in Chichester then here at Crouchers Hotel we can offer you the perfect place to stay during your trip to this fantastic city. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today, by giving us a call on 01243 784 995 or emailing us at enquiries@crouchershotel.co.uk.

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