Stress-Free Wedding Planning

Your wedding day should be one of the most enjoyable and memorable days of your life. However there’s no denying that when it comes to planning a wedding things can get a little stressful at times. So here we give a guide to some top tips for ensuring your big day remains as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Get Organised and Prioritise

When it comes to planning a wedding you can never be too organised. Start by making a to-do list of everything that needs to be done, and then you can go through this and pick out the most important items so you can prioritise these. This way you can get those big items out of the way first and avoid getting lost in the small details. For example a top tip is to consider making decisions such as your wedding venue first, as you will find that many of the other decisions you make will depend and lead on from this.

Choose a Good Venue

Choosing a single venue for your wedding, for both your ceremony and reception, can be the ideal stress-saving option. This can also ultimately save you money and makes things a little easier when it comes to arranging transport for your wedding too. Here at Crouchers Hotel we are a licensed civil wedding venue and are also able to offer the perfect setting for your wedding reception, so you can enjoy your whole wedding day here with us.


When it comes to planning your wedding it can be tempting to take all the planning and organising upon yourself, however this can be a recipe for burnout. So don’t be afraid to delegate and ask friends and family for a little help, they will likely be more than happy to help.

Pamper Yourself

Even the most laid back and organised of us can find planning a wedding a little stressful. So why not consider treating yourself to a pampering session before your big day, such as at a spa retreat, so you can relax and de-stress.

Here at Crouchers Hotel we are able to offer the perfect venue for your wedding, in a stylish, elegant, and exclusive atmosphere, and can help ensure you have the wedding of your dreams. We pride ourselves on our excellent wedding facilities and our banqueting team can help plan your wedding and take care of every detail, so your wedding day is as stress-free and special as possible. So if you’re looking for a wedding venue in Chichester please do not hesitate to contact us and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help you with your enquiries.

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Enjoy a Wonderful Wedding at Crouchers Hotel

Here at Crouchers Hotel, we pride ourselves on being one of the best Chichester wedding venues, with a beautiful setting and excellent service to make sure that your big day lives up to all your hopes and expectations.

We are a licensed Civil Wedding venue with 26 luxury bedrooms, a lovely beamed dining room, and a courtyard and garden that’s ideal for summer receptions, meaning that you can enjoy your whole day here with us, without worrying about travel from one venue to another.

To make sure that your day goes perfectly, our Functions Manager and banqueting team will take care of every detail on the day – but there are a few things that you will need to deal with in advance.

If you’re coming from outside the Chichester area, you will need to notify the Registrar of your home area that you intend to marry out of the district – this should be done as soon as a date and venue have been decided. You should also contact the local Registrar for Chichester to discuss the details of your ceremony. You can find details of your register office here.

You’ll want to make sure that you look perfect on the day, so make sure that you’ve made the right preparations for transporting your wedding dress – and the groom’s suit- so that they look perfect and wrinkle-free on the day. Ask your dressmaker and tailor to advise you on the best way to pack; they may even be able to pack it for you to get the best results. Make sure that the wedding outfits are packed on top of your other luggage, so they won’t be crushed by anything else. Once you arrive, unpack the wedding outfits first and hang them up straight away.

To ensure that they’re absolutely fresh on the day, you may prefer to have your cake and flowers sourced locally – we can recommend excellent local providers for these and other important touches for your day.

Finally, the best advice for any wedding – book well in advance! This will give you plenty of time to plan, which will ease the stress in the run-up to your big day.

For information on availability or on our wedding packages, please call us on 01243 784995, or use the forms on our Contact Us page.

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Enjoy the Launch of the Festival of Chichester!


This summer you, your friends and family can enjoy the second annual Festival of Chichester. From the 14th of June, to the 13th of July, Chichester will play host to many varied events, which range from classical music events, to jazz and blues, food and drink, art, cinema, arts and crafts, historical tours, and theatre performances. Many of the events are free of charge, and some have a small admission fee.

Tuesday the 17th of June

If you revel in exploring the luscious countryside and historical features of West Sussex, then you should take advantage of the Festival of Chichester’s many walking tours.  On Tuesday morning, at 11am, you can take part in a walking tour of the historical, Cathedral city of Chichester.  Meet outside the library, in Tower Street, for more information. Similarly, history enthusiasts will appreciate the opportunity to take a walking tour that explores Chichester’s part in past historical conflicts. The ‘Time of Conflict’ tour takes place at 6pm, and departs from the cathedral bell tower on West Street.

Wednesday the 18th of June

Theatre and literature aficionados can catch Charles Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities at 7.30pm at the New Park Centre on Wednesday evening. The classic tale depicts London and Paris before and during the French revolution, and the novel has sold over 200 million copies, ranking it among the most famous works in the history of literary fiction.

Alternatively, you could check out lively country blues band Wooden Horse at the Chichester Inn at 8.30pm on Wednesday evening.

Friday the 20th of June

From 11.30am to midnight on Friday you can enjoy many jazz, blues and folk bands live at Blues on the Farm. If you’re more into classical music, don’t miss The Hanover Band Chamber Ensemble at St John’s Chapel from 1pm.

At 7.30pm why not visit Chichester Library to witness ‘An Evening with Arun Storytellers and Songsmiths’. This unique event combines music and storytelling, and you can hear stories brought to life and find out how important storytelling is to our history, with its vast heritage of myths and folk tales. Stories will be accompanied by live acoustic guitar and light refreshments will be available. This event is perfect for families as children will be entertained (and educated!)

Here at Croucher’s Hotel we offer quality and beautiful hotel accommodation for all of your holiday and event needs. If you are looking for hotels in Chichester, please feel free to get in contact with our friendly and helpful team on 01243 784 995 or email us at

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Calling All Petrol Heads

One of the most important weekends on the British automotive calendar is almost upon us! Yes you guessed it; the incredible Goodwood Festival of Speed takes place on the 26-29th of June! For one weekend only some of the greatest minds and machines in motoring descend upon Goodwood for the annual festival for all things fast.

Whether it be the latest models or concepts from manufacturers, classic cars or even legendary racing cars you are interested in, the festival is sure to have more than a little to tickle your fancy. Here at Crouchers we are ideally positioned less than 5 miles away from the legendary Goodwood racecourse. Many of the visitors and even exhibitors at the festival stay in hotels in Chichester such as Croucher’s, and every year we are astonished by the sheer amount of incredible machinery on offer.

In this blog we thought we’d take a little closer look at this year’s festival and exactly why you should feel lucky if you have a ticket.

What’s there?


As with every year there will undoubtedly be one of the largest selections of classic cars on display anywhere in the world. Difficult though it is, we have picked a favourite and it is… the incredible, timeless, beautiful and of course fast Ferrari 250 GTO! Whenever Ferrari bestows those three letters onto a model you can be sure that it is going to be pretty special, as it has only ever done so 3 times in its entire history, and the 250 was the first. Only 39 of these cars were ever built for the road, and prices for them continue to rise due to their beauty and history. This special car is sure to fit perfectly into the incredible setting of the Goodwood race course.


As a stage for manufacturers to display their latest models there is always a good selection of incredible new machinery at the festival. Again we have taken it upon ourselves to pick a favourite and it could only be the incredible (slightly scary) Koenigsegg Agrera one: 1, a car that is set to redefine fast. The latest hyper cars from Porsche, McLaren and Ferrari all produce around 900 horsepower and aren’t known for lacking in acceleration, but the Koenigsegg blows them all away with a scarcely believable 1,322 horsepower! With the unveiling set for Goodwood weekend it is sure to cause more than a few gasps.

Racing car

If you have an interest in racing cars then the Goodwood Festival of Speed is an absolute must for you, as every year there is an incredible selection of classic racers present. This year our favourite almost went to the incredible McLaren MP4/2 but then we changed our mind and chose a Peugeot 208 instead. Though that may seem a silly choice, the 208 in question is of course the incredible 208 T16 rally car. With its minimal weight and 875 horsepower engine it is sure to excite every rally enthusiast within a 10 mile radius. If you doubt the capability of the Peugeot then simply hit play on the mildly terrifying video below and you may just re-assess.

Who will be there?

As always there will be a selection of major names from the motoring industry in attendance as well as racing drivers. Our favourite, and indeed a favourite with the crowds for the last 15 years is the incredibly talented and humble Jenson Button. Taking a break from his racing career, Jenson is scheduled to take on the incredible hill course in a list of classic McLaren race cars. As well as Jenson there are set to be several other F1 stars in attendance, including ‘the iceman’ Kimi Raikkonen and the always entertaining Mark Webber.

If this has whetted your appetite for more, visit the Goodwood Festival of Speed website for full details on the weekend and how you can attend. If you are looking for a nearby hotel with friendly staff and comfy rooms then don’t hesitate to contact us on 01243 784995 and our friendly staff will be happy to help.

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Add a Little Culture to your Chichester Adventure

Chichester is a fantastic place to visit, offering plenty to see and do. It offers picturesque views, historical charm and plenty of coast and countryside options to fully immerse yourself in the surroundings of Chichester life.

Whether visiting Chichester for the first time or on a returning visit; you will want to experience everything this lovely little place has to offer, including beautiful walks, fine wine and dining locations and, of course, wonderful theatre and cultural options to enhance to your stay.

The Chichester Festival Theatre, founded by Leslie Evershed-Martin in 1962, and The Minerva Theatre, two of Chichester’s most established theatrical houses open their doors to bring the future and most traditional of theatrical and art-based productions to their audience.

Here are a few of the must-see upcoming shows of the summer, so be sure not to miss out!

Pressure, The Minerva Theatre, 31st May – 28th June 2014

A new play created by David Haig offers a slight insight into the D-Day landings, set in June 1944 when the nation looked up into the skies in fear. The show returns to the little-known story of the D-Day landings seventy years later and thrillingly explores the responsibilities of leadership, the personal toil of taking a stand and the challenges of prophecy.

‘Sharp, witty and affecting’ – 5 STARS, The Observer

Miss Julie, The Minerva Theatre, 4th July – 9th August 2014

Miss Julie, originally by August Strindberg, portrays a unique and modern take on the original 1888 Strindberg play by Rebecca Lenkiewicz. The piece explores the ideology of sex, power and class and the ever on-going battle of the sexes between master and servant.

Black Comedy, The Minerva Theatre, Chichester, 4th July – 9th August 2014

A well respected, ‘devilishly quick and modishly chic’ production piece from Peter Shaffer, Black Comedy was originally commissioned in 1965 by the legendary Kenneth Tynan to accompany a National Theatre production of Miss Julie, with Maggie Smith and Albert Finney amongst the cast.

Both plays are due to re-premier together at the Minerva Theatre, Chichester as a collaboration show of two one-act plays to celebrate the work of popular playwright, Peter Shaffer.

Amadeus, The Festival Theatre, Chichester, 12th July – 2nd August 2014

This internationally celebrated and multi award-winning play is set to amidst the splendour of 18th Century Vienna. This thrilling, and wickedly funny play (which was adapted into an Oscar-winning movie) showcases human ambition versus heavenly genius in what becomes a battle of life and death. Originally written by Peter Shaffer and directed by Chichester Festival Theatre’s own Artistic Director Jonathan Church. Part of the celebration season of Peter Shaffer.


When visiting Chichester, add a touch of luxury to your stay by residing in one of the finest Chichester Hotels around. Here at Croucher’s Hotel, we offer quality and beautiful hotel accommodation for all holiday and event needs. For further information regarding our services please feel free to get in contact with our friendly and helpful team on 01243 784 995 or email us on


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