What’s on in Chichester? July Edition

Got a trip planned to Chichester in the next few weeks? Chichester is a brilliant place to visit, and there is always a variety of events taking place across each month. Whether you’re a couple planning a romantic getaway, or a family wanting to enjoy the first few weeks of the summer holidays – there is something for everyone.

To help you out a little, we have put together a list of some of the things going on in Chichester in the next few weeks.

Rare & Traditional Breeds Show

When and Where?

Sunday 19th July at Weald and Downland Open Air Museum 10.30am – 6pm

What’s happening?

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, this event showcases some of the rarest breed farm animals and some traditional farm favourites. There are cattle, pigs, sheep, and goats to view – with different shows happening throughout the day. One of the highlights is an exciting and educational sheep show, where you can view a sheep being sheared and learn about the different breeds.

There is plenty to eat and drink, including hog roast, BBQ, ice cream and bread stall. For those who want something more, there is also a cafe where you can sit down and enjoy some dinner.

Have a Go at Archaeology With The Sussex Archaeological Society

When and Where?

Tuesday 21st July to Friday 31st July at Fishbourne Roman Place 11am-4pm

What’s happening?

Adults and children are invited along to join an excavation – where there is a chance to discover real Roman artefacts. Expert archaeologists will be on hand to give you brilliant advice, as well as help you clean off and record anything that you find.

There will be quizzes and puzzles for you to complete, and prizes will be on hand for those who do it the best! It’s a fun day out for the whole family, and definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in the Chichester area.

Qatar Goodwood Festival (“Glorious Goodwood”)

When and Where?

Tuesday 28th July 2015 to Saturday 1st August at Goodwood Racecourse

What’s happening?

A five day festival that celebrates world class horseracing, and is considered as being one of the best social and sporting highlights of the whole year. It attracts the best and most competitive jockeys, all competing in different races throughout the week for extremely good prizes and money. It’s known for being a fashionable event, with men and women putting on their very best clothes and enjoying a day in the sun – drinking champagne and enjoying a picnic.

This one is probably best for couples or groups of friends, as it might prove a little boring for children. You have to buy tickets for each day, so you can pick and choose what day(s) you want to go.

If you’re planning on visiting any of these places this month and you still need somewhere to stay, we have you covered.

Crouchers Country Hotel is considered one of the best hotels in Chichester, providing you with luxury and comfort in a brilliant location.

If you would like to learn more about our hotel, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can give us a call on 01243 784995 and a member of our staff will be happy to help.

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Stop What You Are Doing: Things You Shouldn’t be Doing on Holiday

There are certain reasons for why we choose to go on holiday; to spend time with our loved ones, to explore a new place, to relax, and to get away from the everyday routine of back home.

Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to forget that a holiday is for enjoying a break away from anything that might be going on back home – a time to enjoy some quality time with the people you love (or even some quality time by yourself!).

So what exactly should be made illegal whilst on holiday? Are you committing some of the ultimate holiday sins? Read on to see what we think!

Taking work on holiday with you

You’ve taken a week or two off work to spend some time with your family, so why on earth have you decided to pack your work? Believe it or not – a lot of people still do this!

We think that this is a big no, and it’s probably our most important “you shouldn’t” on our list. You’ve actually earned this time away from your desk, so don’t be silly enough to bring it along!

Step away from that kitchen

Who wants to go on holiday and have to cook?  We think that the motto for being on holiday should be to eat, sleep and relax! So step away from the cooking, and go out and enjoy a brilliant meal that someone else has cooked for you!

We suggest choosing a beautiful hotel with restaurant facilities – you don’t have to cook for your family and you don’t have to go too far to eat!

Sticking to the same old routines

You’ve gone on holiday for a reason, so why spend every day doing the same things that you would on an average day off back home? If you spend quite a lot of time reading anyway, put the book down and go explore!

The best thing about going on holiday somewhere new is being able to experience things that you can’t normally.

We advise the guests staying at our hotel to go out and explore Chichester – there are so many exciting things to try out and sights to be seen!

Tip: Most of all , we think that the ultimate holiday crime is to not have fun! As long as you can come away and say you had a brilliant time – that’s all that matters!

Now that you’ve read our post, are you guilty of committing some of these holiday sins? If so, at least you now know how to avoid doing them on your next holiday.

If you’re thinking of getting away from the stress of everyday life, and you want somewhere relaxing to stay, then Crouchers Hotel have you covered.

We provide luxury and stylish accommodation that has convenient access to the city centre, and a number of Chichester restaurants and shops. For those who don’t want to stray too far, we have our own restaurant and bar which serves up some truly amazing food.

You can contact us on 01243 784995 for more information.






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Summer Holiday Survival Guide

The summer holidays are almost upon us and soon your children will be breaking up from school, but how are you going to survive yet another summer holiday?

Whether you are struggling to keep your children entertained or you want some help planning your activities on holiday, here is our summer holiday survival guide.

On Holiday

In the warmer weather, you and your family are more than likely to be heading off on a fun and exciting getaway. However, these trips can be very daunting for parents, and therefore it certainly does pay to be prepared.

Make sure that you pack plenty of fun activities for your children to do in the car, as this can help to reduce boredom, arguments and questions of whether or not you are there yet. Things like colouring books, portable DVD players and audio stories are a great way to pass the time as you are making your journey.

Once you have arrived at your hotel, take the kids off exploring, as this will get them outside and help them burn off some energy. Things like long walks in the park are good fun and will make sure you call get some much-needed fresh air.

Days Out

Plan your days out so that you end up doing something that everyone will enjoy, such as trips out to the local zoo and the beach. These are activities that will keep the children occupied, but also give you the opportunity to relax, unwind and enjoy some time away.

Make sure that you research the areas that you are planning to visit, as this can help you to pick up some knowledge that might help you to steer clear of disappointment. Sites such as TripAdvisor allow you to access honest customer reviews that may give you some insight into what you can expect when you are visiting certain places.

Not sure what to do? Why not try asking the locals? They’ll know the area better than anyone and be able to tell you when is best to visit certain attractions and may even reveal to you some hidden gems that are shielded from local tourism.

Keeping Cool

In the summer, it is important that you all make sure you keep cool. Check the weather forecast before you travel and pack your suitcases accordingly, ensuring that you have plenty of sun cream as well as hats and sunglasses.

Hydration is also very important for both you and your children, so you should make sure that you always have cool water available when you are at the hotel or out and about.

Now you’ll be fully prepared for your family summer holiday, leaving just one question; where will you stay? At Crouchers Hotel, we ensure that our West Sussex country hotel is as comfortable and relaxing as possible, offering you the ultimate summer holiday. For more information, contact us today on 01243 784995.

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Things to Do in Chichester with Your Family


With the summer holiday’s fast approaching it may be time to start looking around for a good vacation destination. If you’re looking for hotels in Chichester  to satisfy your family needs, our stunning accommodation allows you to relax after a busy day exploring the Chichester area. We’ve come up with some of the best places for you and your family to visit while you’re here.

For the Adventurer in You

There are a number of adrenaline fuelled attractions to go and visit such as Harbour Park.

With both outdoor and indoor adventure rides for your young or older family, the Harbour Park has plenty of splash to excite and entice you. Located on the harbour, the Harbour Park’s free entry allows you to spend your money where it counts, such as the trendy cafes and restaurants along the promenade or at the seaside shops, collecting the best crab fishing equipment.


Action Stations is a unique physical and interactive centre located in Portsmouth which adds a new and thrilling dimension to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. With a climbing tower and strategic interactive games for you to fight alongside the Royal Marines, it’s a fantastic history adrenalin rush for all the family.

For Your Animal Loving Family

Marwell Zoo not only offers exciting, interactive talks and tours around the zoo’s wildlife, it also works to protect both animals and their habitats in the UK and around the world. By visiting and exploring the Wild Explorers- a new exhibit opening this summer- where your family can enjoy the indoor and outdoor facilities , picnic and play areas and free road train, you’ll  be contributing to the Marwell Zoo’s conservation projects around the world!

If your family would prefer a more hands on encounter with animals, Dunreyth Alpacas offer you and your family the chance to walk an Alpaca, adopt an Alpaca and, if you would like a souvenir, you can buy hand weaved Alpaca clothes from the very Alpaca’s you can walk!

To Add a Little Culture and History to Your Day

Chichester has a rich source of culture and unique historical sites for you and your family to visit. If your family enjoy the theatre and all it has to offer then they’ll love the Chichester Festival Theatre.

Newly refurbished the theatre offers cafes, bars and a brand new auditorium. Some of the upcoming plays include:

Educating Rita (18th June-25th July) – a beautiful performance about the glory of education and the threat knowledge can have on the individuals personality.

Mack and Mable (13 July- 5th September) – depicting a tragic love story and historic undertones, this comic musical is entertaining for all the family.

If you would rather travel back in time, however, the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, located in Singleton, is a must see.

A collection of historic buildings from around Sussex, Surry, Kent and Hampshire, the museum offers an insight into our ancestors’ lives and with plenty of workshops and open spaces to run around in, this is an amazing site to relax and enjoy the full beauty of the countryside.

The Great Outdoors

Enjoying the fresh air is always important for you and your family, so a day at West Witterings Beach the perfect solution to a sunny day.

An award winning clean and safe beach, West Wittering Beach offers wide spans of golden sand to tempt any bucket and spade enthusiast. There’s no need to worry about your children getting caught up in the ocean either, the life guards carry out regular patrols during summer and the beach cafe is the perfect place to get any of your hot or cold foods and drinks.

After your busy day exploring the wonders of Chichester, there’s no need to leave the outdoors at the beach. Crouchers Hotel is surrounded by the stunning Chichester countryside with views of the harbour and Witterings Beach to the south, Chichester Cathedral to the North and in easy access to the city, you won’t have to travel far for your fun days out.

There’s plenty more to do in Chichester with your family, from relaxing walks through botanical gardens, to scenic bike rides delving into to the woods, you’re sure to find something for the entire family to enjoy. After your long day, Crouchers Hotel offers a warm, unpretentious atmosphere for you to relax and unwind in. If you would like to know more about what our hotel can offer you and your family, then don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff on 01243 784 995 today.

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How to Get the Best Out of Your Hotel Stay

When it comes to choosing a good hotel for your trip, it’s always good to find one that completely suits your needs.  So how can you get the most out of your stay in a hotel?

Think About Your Trip as a Whole

Our first tip would be to decide on what you are planning to do on your trip. If you want to be able to do work or surf the net while you are in your hotel, make sure you look around for hotels that may have Wi-Fi capabilities. Similarly, if you are planning to take your car, make sure there are parking facilities available.

You will also want to think about how far you want to be from the activities you may have planned. It’s no good having your base out in the middle of nowhere if everything that you want to do is in one area that is quite far away.

Your budget is very important, but the cheapest isn’t always the most cost effective. For example, a cheaper accommodation option may be tempting, but will you end up spending more in the long run funding all the extras that you require, such as breakfast or parking?

Look on the Accommodation’s Website

Our second tip would to visit the accommodation’s website directly. Generally speaking, this is where you will find the best price, and they are going to be able to give you the precise lowdown on what they have on offer. You will also be able to see any offers that are currently on, rather than looking on alternative websites which may report out of date deals.

A lot of accommodation sites now give other guests the opportunity to leave feedback for prospective guests to read. This could be in the form of their own testimonial page, or a link to the official trip advisor page. This will give you a good overview of what you can expect from this property and its staff and see if it will suit your needs.

Chat with the Staff

Having a chat with people that know the area well will greatly increase your outlook on the trip. Even if it’s simply asking for recommendations on where to go for dinner that evening, the staff will be eager to help out with anything you require.

Don’t make your conversations too vague; the staff aren’t mind readers, so make sure that if you are asking for recommendations, you are pretty specific with what you are looking for. A general “where should I go for dinner tonight?” will most likely end with you being none the wiser with an extensive list of places that you might not like.

A simple “I quite fancy an Italian meal tonight, do you have any restaurant recommendations?” will get you a quick and simple answer that suits what you want. After all, catering to your needs is what the staff are there for!

It also makes your stay that little bit more special if you can interact with the staff that will be taking care of you. A smile can always brighten someone’s day, so why not make the effort to get those staff enjoying themselves too?

Sensitive to Noise? Ask for a Higher Floor!

If you are a light sleeper and you know you will be woken up by other guests wandering around above your room, ask for a room on a higher floor when you book.

This may feel like you are being picky, but hotels know how important being able to have a good night’s sleep is to their guests and should be happy to accommodate any needs you may have- including your preference of floor!

We hope that you found our tips for making the most out of your hotel stay helpful. As leading providers of one of the best hotels in Chichester, we know how important it is to find a hotel that caters to your trip’s every need. We are able to provide the highest quality care to each of our guests and our staff will be happy to help you with any questions you may have; from room requirements to what there is to do in the area!

If you would like more information on what we have on offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 01243 784 995 and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help you!

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