Amazing Attractions to Enhance Your Stay in West Sussex

The city of Chichester perfectly blends old and new; with winding medieval streets and the impressive 900 year old Cathedral complemented with boutique shops, a great selection of restaurants and varied nightlife. To the north of Chichester are the rolling South Downs, which offer tranquillity, breathtaking scenery and wildlife, and to the south there is the Chichester seascape; offering beaches and charming fishing villages like Bognor Regis. There really is something to offer everyone in the Chichester area, and if you’re tempted to stay here then Croucher’s is one of the leading Chichester hotels, offering comfort, luxury and the perfect location to reach the best attractions.

Chichester Cathedral

This impressive cathedral has stood at the heart of Chichester for 900 years. It displays a combination of architectural features from the original Norman sections and a Victorian spire. The cathedral is also famous for its art work, some of which dates back hundreds of years; such as the 12th century Lazarus Reliefs and the Lambert Barnard paintings. There are also more modern works; including a window by Marc Chagall, a tapestry by John Piper and a painting by Graham Sutherland.


Arundel Castle

If you are staying in West Sussex there is no way you can miss Arundel Castle, which is only a half an hour drive from our hotel. This is one of the best preserved castles in England, and has been in the family of the Earl of Norfolk for nearly 1000 years. A lot of the original features of the fortress survive, such as the Norman keep, gatehouse and barbican, however the house itself was completely rebuilt in the late 19th century. Visitors are able to explore the grounds and gardens, or for a higher admission price you can also discover the keep and castle rooms. There are regular special events taking place, such as a “Normans and Crusaders” battle during Easter, and in July they will host an authentic 15th century jousting competition.


Drover’s Estate

Drover’s Estate is a 20 minute drive from the hotel, north of Chichester and nestled in the undulating South Downs hills. This is a gorgeous estate for walking, relaxing and observing wildlife. This estate, which is managed by the National Trust, has been described as a tapestry which combines farmland, grassland, woods and hedgerows. Wander through the pastures, which are punctuated with stone barns, or climb Hat Hill to experience the stunning views across to Chichester. There are often organised bat walks at Drover’s, as the old train tunnel is home to 12 different species of bat; some of which are extremely rare.


Fishbourne Roman Palace and Museum
Just up the road from Croucher’s Country hotel is the charming village of Fishbourne. Set on the Fishbourne channel, this village has a rich history which includes smugglers, invasions and Roman settlers. Here you will find the Fishbourne Roman Palace and Museum, which houses the remains of the largest Roman home in Britain. Discover the largest and oldest collection of mosaics in Britain which were laid more than 2000 years ago. You can also wander around the country’s oldest gardens which make up the centrepiece of the building. This fascinating piece of history is not to be missed!


There is so much to see in and do in this beautiful and varied part of the country. Chichester provides a cosmopolitan base for shopping and entertainment, but further afield you will find stunning countryside and surprising cultural places. 

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