Planning a Romantic Getaway

As the Beatles once said, “all you need is love!” but sometimes you need a little more than that to show your loved one how much you care. Flowers, chocolates and other gifts are all well and good, but how about taking a much-needed break from everyday life, just you and your beloved? And where better to spend your weekend (or longer) of romance than at Crouchers Hotel in Chichester?


Why not surprise your other half? You could keep your whole trip secret, or just surprise them with a planned activity. Add a little more romance to the surprise by arranging with us to have Champagne on ice, flowers or chocolates in your room when you arrive.

Leave it at Home

When going on a romantic getaway, there are certain things you should leave at home:

  • Work
  • Money worries
  • Previous disagreements

Basically anything that distracts you from enjoying your time together should be left behind!

Plan Activities

Do a little research before you leave to find out what activities you can do while you’re away. Luckily for you, Chichester has plenty to offer, so you’re sure to find something you’ll both enjoy. You could take in a show at Chichester Festival Theatre or enjoy the stars at the South Downs Planetarium.

Alone Time

It’s great to get out and see the sights when you’re away together, but what’s even better is getting some alone time with each other. Take one morning or afternoon to just relax in each other’s company in your hotel room, or go for a romantic walk. This is the perfect time for you two to talk and learn more about each other. Whether you’ve been together for a matter of months, or many years, there’s always something new you can discover about the one you love.

Here at Crouchers Hotel, we’re the perfect place for your romantic getaway. So if you’re looking for Chichester hotels, look no further! Contact us today by calling 01243 784995 for more information, or to book one of our beautiful rooms.

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